Tillford Rye Farms aims for becoming the first organically certified farm in the Siouxland Area

"How do you sow 1.25 acres of a cover crop of clover without any mechanical equipment? Answer: A hand crank broadcast seeder to sow the clover, and a 5ft piece of pipe with twelve 3.5ft lengths of chain attached to incorporate the seed. Don't forget your boots and determination," writes Jeremy Nelson on April 12 on his Facebook page. Nelson is owner of Tillford Rye Farms, a new organically-oriented farm located just outside of Garretson, near Nordstrom's Auto. Nelson intends to make Tillford Rye Farms the first organically certified farm in the Sioux Falls area.

Nelson, a graduate of Garretson High School's Class of 2008, grew up on the farm, with agriculture near and dear to his heart. However, his true love for agriculture was developed while he was at University of Minnesota Moorehead, studying anthropology.

"My capstone class ignited my interest," he said, guiding me around towards his field. His study of planting organically and with nature had him wanting to learn more, and after graduation, he began working with Gardens of Eagan outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gardens of Eagan was one of the first organic farms in the Minneapolis area, established in 1973 by Martin Diffley. After a year at Gardens of Eagan, Nelson began working with Tangletown Gardens, a garden center, farm-to-table restaurant, and 650 member CSA (Community Support Agriculture) located in Minneapolis. Through these positions, he learned what it meant to really take care of the land so that it would be healthy for future generations, as well as how to plant and harvest crops that were not the same fare as one would find in the grocery store. (Continued on page 3 & 6 of our online edition!)

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