Upcoming Program at the Annual Membership Dinner Meeting of Garretson Historical Society

Martin Haugse

by Jim Kurtz

The annual dinner meeting of the Garretson Historical Society (i.e. Garretson Museum) will be held on Monday, January 22nd. Members are in for a treat as the program of the evening is totally based on original letters, photos and newspaper articles recalling the life and death of one of Garretson’s own young men, Martin G. Haugse.

Martin G. Haugse was one of the many brave young men from the Garretson community that fought in World War I. Martin was one of several from this community who was killed in the line of duty. His remains were eventually exhumed and re-buried in the Lutheran Cemetery on the east edge of Garretson. There is a large stone near the road with the names of Henry G. Fix (the first of the local boys killed in the war, and the namesake of the American Legion Post #23 in Garretson), Perry M. Wangsness and Martin Haugse, marking their burial places. Most of you have seen the stone. Each of those who served and died would have an interesting and sad story to be told. This story is of Martin G. Haugse.

Using the documents on Haugse that belong to the museum, members of Post # 23 American Legion and the Post # 23 Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary presented this story at the Veterans’ Day program on November 11, 2017. It proved to be very interesting and stirring. The newly formed (at that time) American Legion national organization actually played a key part in this Haugse story. This year of 2018, is being celebrated as the “100th. Anniversary Year of the American Legion”. In celebration of this milestone in the life of the American Legion, and in appreciation to the Garretson Museum for the use of their documents, the Henry G. Fix Post # 23 American Legion and Auxiliary will re-present this story at the museum’s annual dinner meeting on Monday, January 22nd.   If you are a member of the Historical Society, you will not want to miss this. The public is also invited to attend this dinner and program.

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