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The Garretson Gazette is published on Thursdays

The goal of a weekly newspaper is to release news and information each week in a format that is easy to read, entertaining, and covers all sides of important issues. In a small community, it must also highlight local school news, such as athletic events. It will also release the news and minutes of local political events through legals and short feature stories so the public can stay informed. The Garretson Gazette strives to do just that, along with providing regular features of local people and businesses.

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Locally Owned and Operated

The Garretson Gazette is owned by Garrick and Carrie Moritz. We are striving to make the Gazette the best little town paper in the state of South Dakota!

Garrick Moritz hails from a family of 5 generations of journalists and newspaper owners, has his Bachelors in Journalism from Augustana College (now University), and worked with his father at The Faulk County Record in Faulkton, South Dakota for many years prior to starting with the Gazette. He and his wife Carrie purchased the Gazette in 2015 from Anderson Publications and is one of only two newspapers in Minnehaha County that are locally owned and operated. They work together with the community to cover local people, news, and events.


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